“Improving the lives of those with chronic care diseases while providing solutions to our customers."

Looking for a new opportunity? At SuperCare Health you have the chance to reach your dreams by helping us in serving the healthcare needs of our ever-growing patient population. Matching passion with careers, here hard work has never been so satisfying.

Essential Duties:
The Senior Vice President of Field Operations has a critical role in overseeing the daily management of SuperCare's field sales, operations, and field customer care. This includes integrating all divisions of the company, including Respiratory, Managed Care, and Retail Operations, to ensure a cohesive approach to providing excellent patient care. One of the key responsibilities of the SVP of Field Operations is to manage the logistics of the distribution and clinical teams. This involves ensuring that the teams have the resources they need to deliver high-quality care to patients, such as equipment, supplies, and personnel. The SVP must also ensure that all teams are working efficiently and effectively to meet patient needs while staying within budgetary constraints. Another crucial aspect of the SVP's role is to ensure that SuperCare's field operations are aligned with the company's overall strategy and goals. This involves working closely with other executives to develop and implement strategies for growth, as well as monitoring and analyzing performance metrics to identify areas for improvement. Overall, the SVP of Field Operations plays a vital role in ensuring that SuperCare's field operations are delivering high-quality patient care while also supporting the company's strategic objectives.

    Responsible For:

    • Oversee and be accountable for the development /implementation of an overall sales strategy based on effective research of the community / referral sources. Shape the sales message, effectively employing advertising, websites, sales tools.
    • Monitor effectiveness of sales leadership with up-to-date reporting from salespeople regarding sales calls, prospecting and revenue and competitor files.
    • Assist product/project managers in evaluation of business opportunities. For potential new products, services or organizational change, provide thoughtful analysis, viable options and final recommendations /analysis of financial propositions
    • Take ultimate authority to ensure that all field staff personnel are competent to provide the quality care services required by the company: accomplished by proper hiring, training, evaluation and leadership
    • Demonstrate sound, fiscally prudent judgment when making business decisions. Be adept at investigating problems, identifying the underlying causes and formulating solutions.
    • Oversee both short and long term planning by identifying Key Focus Areas quarterly/annually
    • Oversee the development and implementation of processes that enhance profitability and efficiency throughout SuperCare Health’s field operations, inventory and facilities management.
    • Actively participate in acquisition and growth opportunities to support overall business objectives and plans
    • Reviews and approves cost-control reports, cost estimates, and staffing requirements for projects.
    • Responsible for the P&L for field operations staff this role oversees
    • Establishes and administers the department's budget.
    • Presents periodic performance reports and metrics to the chief executive officer and other leadership.
    • Oversee Field Customer Support leadership in the operations of contact management, complaint handling, training and service quality, customer implementation and support for all SCH products and services.
    • Oversee performance metrics for customer service, distribution, and sales representatives that creates alignment.
    • Act as a change agent in the organization by influencing leadership as to the importance of the service organization and acceptance of the customer experience service strategy.
    • Set department and individual leadership goals based on company objectives and communicate effectively to staff. Create objective and measurable criteria that will be used to gauge the results of individual leadership and staff’s actions.
    • As a mentor, note strengths and weaknesses of team leaders and staff, building upon strengths and dealing directly with deficiencies. Develop inexperienced team leaders and staff with a set process and guidelines.
    • Provide consistent and concise company communications on sales, operational, respiratory and customer service goals and successes.
    • Through management teams, ensure that staff personnel and their skills meet the needs of the customers; and that when staff does not have the competency to perform prescribed services in an appropriate and responsible manner, appropriate training occurs.
    • Collaborate with others to select and implement the training necessary and to develop knowledge and to provide in depth or cross training in subjects and processes relevant to departments .
    • Manage protocols that ensure effective communication both interdepartmentally as well as throughout the organization
    • Understand and practice the rules regarding patient confidentiality, HIPAA and compliance, and safety. Adhere to all state and federally mandated standards regarding confidentiality and patient rights.
    • Performs any other duties that may be requested by the CEO.

    Required Qualifications:

    • Strong body of knowledge in the skills of management and leadership.
    • Strong understanding of Customer Service from intake to billing.
    • Excellent knowledge of the equipment we sell, its care and maintenance, and the types of customers to whom we sell and their needs.
    • Make best use of work time to complete projects and assignments on schedule.
    • Be able to work on multiple tasks and plan and prioritize activities to achieve results and meet deadlines.
    • Be a self-starter and manifest a proactive approach to all aspects of responsibility.
    • Make decisions well and quickly, considering options, gathering opinions and options, but in the end DECIDE and follow through, communicating well to others the decision.
    • Possess the ability to come up with creative alternatives and solutions to pressing problems. Not being limited to what’s been tried before, be able to evaluate and implement new ideas to improve efficiency and profitability.
    • Consistently demonstrate ability to establish and manage priorities.
    • Strong organizational skills and detail oriented.
    • Excellent interpersonal and customer relationship skills with the ability to work in a very fast paced environment

    Education: Graduated from an accredited college degree


    • Paid Training
    • Sick Time
    • Paid Mileage
    • Growth Opportunities
    • Employee Referral Reward Program
    • Employee Discount Program

    Any employment proposal is contingent upon satisfactory completion of: Background Check, Reference Check(s), Driving Record (if applicable), Pre-employment Drug and TB Tests

    What SuperCare Health is About

    "SuperCare Health is a comprehensive, post- acute care, respiratory services company, focused on managing high-risk respiratory patients in their homes.

    Today, SuperCare health manages millions of lives annually, with a growing team of more than 400 members, and has one of the highest-rated satisfaction scores from both our customers and patients.

    Our goal is to be the most trusted and preferred resource to manage high-risk, post-acute respiratory patients through our high-touch clinical team and high-tech, innovative solutions. Our end-to- end care solutions, from the hospital to the home, close gaps in care, reduce costs of care and improve outcomes. Our in-home services include ventilation, oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP, enteral nutrition, pharmacy services, and an expanding population health program.

    We are uniquely structured to be a responsive and agile community provider, yet we also possess the stability and effectiveness of a large enterprise. As a thriving business, our chief focus is on what really matters: reducing hospital re-admissions, optimizing outcomes and improving the lives of patients with chronic care diseases, every day."

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